3. Establish a Plan

  1. The newly formed leadership team should now schedule another call with its staff liaison. Your staff liaison will share best practices from other clubs and offer guidance and feedback.

  2. Your staff liaison can also connect you with experienced volunteers from established clubs for mentorship and advice.

  3. With the help of your staff liaison, your club will:
    • Create a mission statement: A mission statement is the foundation of the club’s goals and priorities. Every club should have a clear and defined vision for their purpose.

    • Institute bylaws: Bylaws offer organizational governance, set precedent for mediating conflict, and set forth your succession plan. You may draft your own version of bylaws, or adapt those provided on the Wharton Officers website.

    • Open a bank account: A bank account should be opened in the club’s name for bookkeeping purposes. Most clubs offer check-signing privileges to the President and Treasurer.

    • Launch an online presence: There are two primary ways to establish an online presence. Social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) is recommended for new clubs or clubs still organizing. For fully established and functioning clubs, Wharton offers a free website. This website serves as an administrative tool that links your club to the School’s alumni database and offers tools for communication and event registration. More information on launching a site on the School's platform can be found here. If this website platform is not used, a membership list should be established. Your staff liaison can advise you on your best option for a web presence.

    • Consider obtaining non-profit tax status (for US-based clubs): 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(7) are US Internal Revenue Service codes providing tax-exempt status to charitable organizations, including alumni associations, operating in the United States. The School does not advise for or against this process. International clubs are not similarly situated; however, we recommend that you contact your staff liaison if you have any questions.