Governance & Leadership

A strong leadership team is essential to the success and sustainability of a club. Building a successful leadership team requires thought and planning around the following areas:

Required Officer Roles 


  • Leads the club in its engagement, programming, and services for alumni in the region or affinity.
  • Maintains responsibility for the overall operation, organization, and supervision of the club, including fiscal responsibility and the appointment/management of other officers and succession planning. The president usually acts as the primary contact with the Wharton School.


  • Maintains and supervises club bank account, pays all club bills, and records sources of income. Collects and records annual dues. Prepares and submits financial statements to the officers. Prepares a full financial statement submitted annually to members. Files all required tax documents.
  • For U.S. Clubs: If the annual income of the club is more than $50,000, the club must file U.S. IRS Form 990. Clubs with an annual income of less than $50,000 may still be required to file U.S. IRS Form 990N.

Recommended Officer Roles

Vice President

  • Maintains responsibility for the arrangement, coordination, and supervision of programs and services. Collaborates with officers to generate ideas and program strategy. Functions as presiding officer when president is unavailable.
  • Depending on the size of the club, there may be more than one vice president with oversight for a specific function or committee with in the club.


  • Attends all formal meetings and records and distributes minutes.
  • Assists the club officers, particularly the president, in administrative matters.
  • May be responsible for managing membership. If a club has a secretary as an officer, this role is responsible for informing the staff liaison of club elections, results, and meeting minutes. If a club does not elect to have a secretary as an officer, either the President or the Treasurer must agree to inform the staff liaison of club elections and results.


  • Serves as the official point of contact for all matters related to the club website. Updates and maintains (or manages an administrator to update and maintain) all website content. Manages email communications and online event registration for the club, including initial troubleshooting.
  • Handles administrative tasks as necessary to keep the website functioning properly, working with the Online Engagement Team and website vendor as needed.
  • RECOMMENDED: Two individuals should serve as webmasters, dividing the responsibilities listed above based on your club’s leadership structure and individual needs. Your staff liaison can provide guidance on selecting individuals for this role.

VP of Young Alumni Programming

  • Plan and execute programming, events, and activities that appeal to students and recent graduates (0-10 years out).
  • Represent the interests of young alumni on the club board.
  • Collaborate with VP of Communications/Marketing to develop communications strategy to target young alumni.
  • Help coordinate POP (Pub Outside of Penn) events over the summer months to engage local students during internships and admitted students.
  • Welcome recent graduates to the area through personalized outreach.
  • Responsible for increasing young alumni attendance at events.
  • Recruit additional recent graduates to volunteer with the goal of forming a young alumni committee.
  • In conjunction with the President or appropriate Board Member, serve as the primary point of contact for Admissions and help host yield events.

President Emeritus

  • Serve as a mentor for the current President during his/her term.
  • Provide historical knowledge and context when appropriate.
  • Help maintain club succession plan.
  • Participate in leadership meetings.

Wharton Executive Board Liaison

  • Can only be held by an alumna/alumnus who is a current or outgoing Executive Board Member.
  • Attend Executive Board Meetings and provide School updates to club leadership team.
  • REQUIRED: Contact your staff liaison before reaching out to the Executive Board Members in your region.