Succession Planning

A strong leadership team is essential to the success and sustainability of a club. Building a successful leadership team requires thought and planning around the following areas:

Clubs should actively and continuously plan and reflect on succession of club officers. Your bylaws must include information on the succession process and specify officer term limits. Within a succession plan, it is important to outline the profile, qualifications, and priorities for the next club leader.

Use the tools below to shape your succession plan.

Planning tools:

Club Leadership Transition Checklist: Onboarding (.pdf)

Club Leadership Transition Checklist: Offboarding (.pdf)

These guides provide onboarding and offboarding checklists for club leadership, as well as best practices and suggestions to help you plan for the continued success of your club.

Club Election Best Practices (.pdf)

Use this manual, which includes resources for voting and communication templates, as a guide to help manage the election process.