PennKey FAQs

PennKey Support for Wharton Alumni Clubs

PennKey is the unique username and password that authenticates your identity in our systems and provides exclusive benefits only to alumni. 

Please check Wharton’s PennKey FAQ’s to answer any general questions you may have. Retrieve or reset your PennKey username/password, and enroll in Self-Service Password Reset to easily retrieve your password in the future.


1. How do PennKeys affect my club website?

All Wharton alumni club websites on NationBuilder utilize PennKey Single Sign-On to better protect alumni data. Please encourage your constituents to activate a PennKey if they do not already have one.  


2. If I, or my members can’t login with PennKey, what steps should I take?

Please first confirm that they are in your database with an external ID, before escalating.  

  • If they are not in your database, please reach out to the Global Clubs Team: [email protected].
  • If they are set up correctly in your database, and need additional help with their login credentials, all requests should be directed to the University’s Alumni PennKey team: [email protected]


3. As an international club, many of our alumni do not have SSN’s (last 4 digits are required for PennKey setup). What should they do?

The University has generated four digits to use in place of an SSN for international alumni. Please reach out to the Alumni PennKey team for identity verification and assistance: [email protected]


4. Should club administrative staff (non-alumni) get a PennKey?

Non-alumni are not eligible for PennKeys. Club administrative staff should continue to login with an email address and password.