Zoom Access

Individuals working for or on behalf of an alumni club within the Wharton Global Clubs Network must agree to the following in order to use the School’s Zoom account. Please read the expectations below and then click here to sign the Zoom agreement. Zoom account access will be revoked if the agreement is not met.

Technology Use

1. Abide by the Zoom terms of service. All club events using the Wharton Global Clubs Zoom account should abide by all rules outlined in the official Zoom user agreement. 

2. Use the Zoom account only for club events or group leadership meetings. This account should be used for club events or group meetings only. The account should NOT be used for personal or one-on-one meetings. 

3. The Zoom account should be used in tandem with existing club technology. All event registration and communications should be done through your website or another outside platform, rather than the Zoom account. Clubs should NOT use Zoom's email tools.

4. All technical inquiries should be sent to the Zoom help team. The Wharton Global Clubs team will not serve as technical support for the Zoom platform or as the technology lead during a club event. Club leaders must learn how to use the Zoom platform before hosting any events.

Community Expectations

1. Abide by the sign-up process. Plan your events in advance and keep in mind a backup date in case your first choice date is not available. To reserve a date and time for your club event, use the scheduling tool within the Zoom account.

2. Solve potential scheduling conflicts fairly and respectfully. The Zoom accounts are shared accounts meant to foster collaboration between clubs. If a scheduling conflict arises, please do your best to solve it between club leaders. Reach out to your Staff Group Leader if you are not able to resolve the conflict. 

General Use

1. Abide by the University of Pennsylvania Privacy Policy. This policy applies for all events hosted on the Wharton Global Clubs Zoom account. You may not misuse data collected during a Zoom event.

2. All club events must be clearly marketed as club events. Wharton alumni clubs are independent from the School, therefore, all club events are also separate. All marketing materials should clearly indicate that the responsible party is the club, not the School or the University of Pennsylvania.

3. The alumni club is solely responsible for all content of Zoom meetings. The School assumes no responsibility for content and conduct during club events. 

4. The agreement is valid for the remainder of 2020 or until the Wharton Global Clubs Zoom account is no longer available to the Wharton Global Clubs Network. 

5. Zoom account access is only available to officially recognized clubs within the Wharton Global Clubs Network. Clubs must meet Wharton's Minimum Standards in order to be eligible for this benefit. 


Best Practices for Zoom Events

  • Follow this naming convention for events - "The Wharton Club of _____ Virtual Event. Month, Day, Year" (e.g. The Wharton Club of Philadelphia Virtual Event. June 1, 2020). This will help with account sharing and will keep the meeting list clear and organized
  • Generate a random meeting room ID for each event. Do not use the PMI for events. This could lead to confusion over which event is being hosted by which club. 
  • Test your audio and video before the event. If your event will include speakers, consider hosting a test call with all who will speak, or a practice session for a webinar event. 
  • Mute participants on entry and encourage all participants to stay muted unless talking. This will minimize distractions and audio interference. 
  • Customize your waiting room. Include your club's logo, a description of your event, and speaker information.
  • Pay close attention to the time zone of your meeting. Make sure to set it to your local time zone. 
  • Collect RSVPs for events using your NationBuilder website platform or current event management tool. Send the Zoom event link to registered participants 24 hours in advance. For security reasons, do not post your event link publicly.

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Create a Custom Zoom Background

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