Wharton Trivia

Looking for a fun way to engage club members during an event? Host a quick round of Wharton trivia! Send your own trivia facts to [email protected].


Round One – Wharton History

  1. What year was Wharton founded? 1881
  2. What was the name of Joseph Wharton's company? Bethlehem Steel
  3. When was the name of the school changed to "The Wharton School"? 1972
  4. What was the name of The Wharton School, immediately prior to it being named the “The Wharton School?” The Wharton School of Finance and Commerce
  5. Who was the first female faculty member? Professor Dorothy Swain Thomas
  6. In which year did the first students enroll in the Wharton MBA program? 1921
  7. When was Wharton San Francisco opened? 2001
  8. In what year did the Joseph H. Lauder Institute of Management and International Studies begin, making it the world’s first MBA/MA program in international management? 1983
  9. A new center opened in 1973, making Wharton the first business school to offer a fully integrated program what subject? Entrepreneurial Studies
  10. Who was the first woman to receive a Wharton MBA?
    1. Alma Katherine Ledig
    2. Ann Elizabeth Kaufman
    3. Eleanor Catherine Hann
    4. Dorothy Swain Thomas


Round Two – Wharton by the Numbers

  1. How many students attend Wharton (all degree programs)? 5,063
  2. How many living Wharton alumni are there? 99,000+
  3. How many alumni clubs are there in the Global Clubs Network? 79
  4. How many faculty members are there at Wharton? 241 
  5. In what year did Wharton move to Dietrich Hall? 1952
  6. When was the first Wharton Global Forum? 1993
  7. Wharton issued its first student email addresses in what year? 1992
  8. How many traditional degree programs are there at Wharton? 4
  9. International students represent what percent of Wharton’s MBA class of 2022? 19%
  10. Women represent what percent of the Wharton Undergraduate class of 2024? 45%

BONUS: In what year was the Student Federal Credit Union established at the University of Pennsylvania? 1987


Round Three – General Knowledge

  1. Who is the Dean of Wharton? Erika James
  2. Which Wharton dean was also the special commissioner for the Panama Canal? Emory Johnson
  3. What Wharton joint-degree undergraduate program was the first of its kind? The Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology, or a joint business and engineering degree
  4. Which Wharton professor won the Nobel Prize in Economics? Professor Lawrence Klein
  5. This alumna is the CFO of Alphabet Inc. Ruth Porat
  6. Where was the first Wharton Global Forum? Manila
  7. Wharton was the first university to create what degree program in legal studies and business ethics? Doctoral
  8. Wharton was the first to create this type of program that can be found on Sirius XM. Business school radio station.
  9. This alumnus was the first African American to go into space. Guion Bluford
  10. In the 1920s, there was a proposal to change the Quaker Mascot to this animal. Penguin