5. Build Momentum

  1. Many new clubs struggle to keep going after the first event. It is important to plan an event calendar for the upcoming year. Your staff liaison can share best practices for diverse events that will target different groups in your membership base.

  2. Many clubs host signature events such an annual gala, holiday party, or summer BBQ.

  3. Partner with The Penn Club, other business school alumni groups, or the All Ivy or Ivy Plus groups in your region to cross-market events. Consider co-sponsoring programs to help boost attendance for large and high-profile events. Solely working in partnership with other organizations, however, does not typically yield strong alumni participation, so be sure to balance co-sponsored events with Wharton-specific events.

  4. We encourage all clubs to charge dues, which will help to build a solid financial base and enable the club to take on more ambitious initiatives in the future. Your staff liaison can provide examples and recommendations for dues structures.

  5. Copy your staff liaison on all club communications, and participate in regular calls with your staff liaison to check-in on your progress.

  6. All new clubs must meet the Wharton club minimum standards.