1. Assess Feasibility


Privacy Policy
To begin the process, all alumni volunteers petitioning for a new club to be established must first sign a privacy policy. You may do so online at this link.

Potential Membership Base
Once a privacy policy is on file for each volunteer, a Global Clubs team member will assess feasibility by running a report on the group's potential alumni audience. This part of the process varies depending on the nature of the audience.

  • Regional groups include all alumni with a preferred address within a 50 mile radius
  • Industry-based groups include all alumni with a industry tag, based on employment information shared with the University
  • Interest-based groups are measured purely by alumni opt-in and cannot be reported by University records. Volunteers will need to collect signatures to demonstrate a critical mass of interest.

Regional groups must have a possible membership minimum of 200 domestic or 75 international alumni. At least 75% of the membership base must be Wharton alumni.

Industry and interest-based affinity groups must have a possible membership minimum of 500 alumni, with representatives from at least five cities. In the case of an interest-based affinity group, volunteers must independently collect signatures in order to meet this minimum threshold.


Other Options

If the regional threshold requirement is unable to be met, a member of the Global Clubs team can connect you to any active Penn alumni clubs in your region. Likewise, consider exploring the option of developing a special interest group with your local Wharton or Penn alumni club to connect with other alumni in your industry or interest group.