New Website Launch Checklist

First steps

  1. Contact Wharton.
    Contact your Wharton staff liaison to begin the website launch process.

  2. Sign our Participation Agreement.
    Our team will provide your club with an official copy of our participation agreement to sign. For a sample, read-only copy to review, click here.

  3. Choose a website type: auto site or full site.
    Two website options are available depending on your club’s needs and available resources for website support. Contact our team to learn more about these options.

Design your website

  1. Choose layout options: menus and widgets.
    All Wharton club websites share a common theme and layout. However, options are available to help customize your website based on your club’s needs. Click here to select menu and widget options.

  2. Review the new webmaster user guide.
    While our team is creating your website, become familiar with the webmaster role, website tools, and resources through this user-friendly guide. Click here to get started.

  3. Start adding content and images.
    Now is the time to make your website your own! Start adding text content to pages and add images where applicable. Our team can provide image guidelines and suggest online editing resources. Browse other club websites to get content ideas.

Connect payment processing

  1. Obtain a merchant account.
    A merchant account is an account with a financial institution that allows your club to accept payments as an organization. If your club currently has a merchant account, it must be internet capable and able to interact with one of these online payment processors. Your organization’s merchant account and checking account do not need to be from the same financial institution. Most merchant banks expect a personal guarantor to co-sign the account. Be sure to notify your merchant account provider that your club is a non-profit. You will need to provide documentation to the bank that houses your merchant account.

  2. Choose and set up an account with a payment processor.
    This account (also referred to as a gateway account) allows you to securely accept payments online through your merchant account. For a list of payment processors our website platform currently supports, click here.

  3. Contact Wharton.
    Once you’ve created an account, let our team know. We can provide additional instructions to connect your new account to your website and test your payment setup.

Launch your website

  1. Finalize content.
    Perform a final review of your website text, and make any last-minute updates.

  2. Notify Wharton to launch.
    Let us know your website is ready to go live! We will update your settings and add your website to our Clubs Directory page.

  3. Send a welcome email to your members.
    Use the email tool to announce your fabulous new website to your club members. To view an example email template, click here. Celebrate and enjoy your brand new online presence!