Connect payment processing

  1. Obtain a merchant account (if you are not in the US of Canada).
    A merchant account is an account with a financial institution that allows your club to accept payments as an organization. If your club currently has a merchant account, it must be internet capable and able to interact with one of these online payment processors. Your organization’s merchant account and checking account do not need to be from the same financial institution. Most merchant banks expect a personal guarantor to co-sign the account. Be sure to notify your merchant account provider that your club is a non-profit. You will need to provide documentation to the bank that houses your merchant account.

  2. Choose and set up an account with a payment processor.
    This account (also referred to as a gateway account) allows you to securely accept payments online through your merchant account. For a list of payment processors our website platform currently supports, click here. If you are in the US or Canada, please use NationBuilder PaymentsIt will allow you to take advantage of the updated payment features.

  3. Contact Wharton.
    Once you’ve created an account, let our team know. We can provide additional instructions to connect your new account to your website and test your payment setup.