How do I know if a website is right for my club?


A website can be a great tool to increase your club’s brand, but only if you have the resources to maintain it on a regular basis! A website may be right for your club if you:

  • Already have a club structure in place. This can include bylaws, a leadership team, and other elements as described in Wharton’s Minimum Standards for Wharton clubs. Full details can be found in the Club Manual.

  • Have a minimum of one event, or other piece of new content, to share with alumni in your area on at least a quarterly basis.

  • Have thoroughly considered your goals for a website. See “First Steps” in our Website Launch Checklist for ideas on developing goals for your club’s online presence.

  • Have volunteers who can dedicate time to learning the website tools, keeping the website content updated on a regular basis, and responding to alumni who need help or have questions. We recommend selecting two individuals for this role. To learn more about what will be needed of a webmaster, click here