New Webmasters

Thank you for volunteering!

Thank you for volunteering your time and talent to the leadership of your club’s website. The website plays an essential role in building your club’s brand. Maintaining it will help drive membership and event attendance, and help engage Wharton alumni. This would not be possible without your dedication and support.

Part of the responsibility of the webmaster role is being a good steward of alumni data. If you have not done so already, please take a moment to review and sign our alumni data privacy policy for all club volunteers.


What does the webmaster do?

The webmaster serves as the official point of contact for all matters related to the club website.

The club webmaster:

  • Updates and maintains (or manages an administrator to update and maintain) all website content.

  • Manages email communications and online event registration for the club (or manages an administrator to complete these tasks).

  • Handles administrative tasks necessary to keep the website functioning properly, with support from the Online Engagement team.

  • Assists club members and other volunteers with website-related questions, including initial troubleshooting.

As a best practice, a maximum of two individuals should serve as webmasters, dividing the responsibilities listed above based on your club’s leadership structure and individual needs. Your staff liaison can provide guidance if needed.

Getting started: housekeeping notes

To get started, you will need certain information that is crucial to managing all aspects of the website effectively.

Confirm who owns your club’s domain. This will be either someone from your club, or the School. If your club owns this, you’ll need to get in touch with the person at your club (e.g. a former webmaster, current president, or president emeritus) who has the login details for this account.

  • To make future transitions easier, the School will manage domain settings and email forwarding as a benefit to all clubs on our website platform moving forward. To start the process of transferring your domain, contact the Wharton Global Clubs team.

  • If the School currently owns your domain, please contact our team to confirm the email addresses where you would like to receive responses to emails sent from the club, and we will update this for you.

Obtain the details for your club’s credit card processing account (e.g. NationBuilder Payments, Stripe) if payment processing is integrated into your club website. You will need access to this account for financial reporting, troubleshooting and any routine maintenance needs that arise.

Using your website tools

As the club webmaster, it is important to learn the ins and outs of your website. Having a good understanding of the club website tools can help make your job easier, and allows your club to take full advantage of this resource, ensuring the broadest reach of your members.

Our NationBuilder How-To Videos will help you get acquainted with the website platform tools. You can refer to these videos at any time.

In addition, our team has created a series of Tips and Tools to help you get started quickly using your website, and learn new features to help you grow your club. 

Access the Training Videos

Tips and Tools Blog

Resources and support

Your Wharton Club staff liaison and the Global Clubs team are here to help you! Please reach out to our team with any questions at [email protected].

Meet our staff and view contact details here.

Thank you again for supporting your club’s online initiatives. We look forward to working with you!