Young Alumni

The Global Clubs Network plays a critical role in bridging the gap between students and alumni.  It is important to attract and involve recent graduates in club activities as soon as they arrive in your city.  In addition, by engaging new admits, you can make expose them to the strong alumni network even before they arrive on campus.  At the end of each academic year, your staff liaison will send you a list of all recent graduates, summer interns, and new admits coming to/from your city.  You can use these templates (below) to welcome them to the area and invite them to attend club events.  Clubs using the Wharton platform can send these templates using the website’s email tool.  Contact your staff liaison for assistance.

In addition to sending welcome emails, we encourage you to:

  • Offer free or reduced-cost membership to recent graduates.

  • Consider hosting a welcome event for recent graduates and summer interns in your region.

  • Recruit a recent graduate to spearhead a young alumni committee and hold young alumni specific events.

  • Utilize social media, specifically LinkedIn and Facebook, to reach out to young alumni in your region or affinity. Your staff liaison can provide best practices on how to target this group on social media.


Template 1: Recent Graduates

Template 2: Summer Interns

Template 3: Newly Admitted Students