Template for Recent Graduates


Congratulations on your graduation! As president of the <CLUB NAME & WEBSITE LINK>, it is my pleasure to welcome you to <LOCATION>.

As a new member of our community, I encourage you to join our club and get involved today. Membership and active participation provide you with an opportunity to meet and connect with fellow alumni in the <ADD LOCATION> area and to keep in touch with your alma mater. <HIGHLY RECOMMENDED STATEMENT: Our club offers <DISCOUNTED OR COMPLIMENTARY> membership to all recent graduates and admits.>  <LINK TO MEMBERSHIP SITE>.

The strength of the Wharton network is a great resource. You can become an active member of the alumni community in three ways:

  1. Get involved. Don’t just participate; lead! Our club welcomes your input and leadership. Please contact me to become a volunteer for our organization.
  2. Provide support. We all have a vested interest in expanding and strengthening the alumni network.  I strongly encourage you to respond when another alumnus reaches out. By helping each other succeed, we expand our ability to leverage our Wharton connections.
  3. Stay connected. Keeping your contact information updated allows you to remain connected to the unparalleled Wharton network.
  4. Log in to MyPenn, https://mypenn.upenn.edu/ with your PennKey username and password to access and update your information and connect with any one of our 99,000 Wharton alumni.

The Wharton alumni community is about access—to people, ideas, information, and resources. It is a great asset that is exclusively ours. I hope you’ll join me in taking advantage of all that it has to offer.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Best regards,





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