Managing Alumni Data

Managing Alumni Data Lists

Regional and affinity clubs may be given alumni data lists in order to contact alumni within the guidelines of the University of Pennsylvania Privacy Policy. Here are some best practices to keep in mind while managing these lists.

  • Check bounced or bad e-mail addresses before marking them invalid. E-mails can fail to deliver for a variety of reasons beyond an invalid address. Often, employer firewalls or domain rules will prevent certain messages from reaching an inbox. When you receive an error report, you can check whether addresses are invalid by using an online tool such as the e-mail verification service, Email Checker.

  • Always maintain the unique source code (school ID number) in the original data spreadsheet. This allows the University to locate records and make any updates you might become aware of. The source code, sometimes referred to as the EMPLID or external ID, is essential to record location and data management at the University level.

  • Direct alumni to MyPenn (previously WhartonConnect) for record updates. MyPenn allows alumni to update their information automatically and across all platforms, including club websites. Record updates can range from home or business addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, employment information, and much more.

  • Mark a notification date for any record updates that come directly to you. This allows the University to determine which record is the most current. Without a notification date, University data management staff will not be able to override current records.

University of Pennsylvania Privacy Policy

Wharton Alumni Relations requires that all Global Clubs Network volunteers sign an updated privacy policy with the University of Pennsylvania. You can do so online through this link.

If you have any questions, please contact your staff liaison or [email protected] for information about the proper use and management of alumni data lists.