Brand Standards

As stewards of the Wharton brand, alumni clubs should be in alignment with the communications and marketing standards of the School. All clubs must use the Wharton Alumni Club Logo to clearly indicate that the club is an independent organization and that the club is the responsible party, not the School or the University. Wharton clubs should never use the standard Wharton logo, unless explicit permission is given

This guide is intended to serve as a basic introduction to branding for Wharton clubs; if you have individual questions, please contact your staff liaison or [email protected].

The Wharton Alumni Club Logo

Each club has access to a suite of custom logos designed by Wharton. Your club logo suite will include various formats, sizes, orientations, and color combinations to adapt for any communication or printing need. The logo is especially designed to signify that your club is officially recognized as a member organization of the Wharton Global Clubs Network. We encourage you to use it in all scenarios to professionalize your club brand!

Additional marketing materials, such as PowerPoint, name tag, letterhead, and business card templates are also available upon request. To request a logo suite for your club, please contact your staff liaison or [email protected].

Please note that elements of the official Wharton alumni club logo may not be altered. The Wharton School may rescind its permission allowing a club to use the alumni club logo and/or other School trademarks and logos, at any time.


Joint Penn & Wharton Clubs

For organizations that have been officially recognized by both Penn and Wharton as a joint club, a special version of the alumni club logo is available. This logo is also designed as a suite in various formats, sizes, orientations, and color combinations.



Clubs in Formation

Clubs in formation – not yet recognized as an official club, but working towards official membership – may not use the official alumni club logo yet. In cases of formation, we encourage clubs to use the Wharton alumni logo, which signifies an alumni-led initiative. Your staff liaison can assist you with access to this logo.


The Wharton School Colors

The Wharton School and the University of Pennsylvania share the same red and blue colors. Please find specific color information below.

Blue: Pantone® 288 
Red: Pantone® 201

Blue: Cyan (100), Magenta (65), Yellow (0), K-Black (30) 
Red: Cyan (0), Magenta (100), Yellow (65), K-Black (34)

Hexadecimal (web colors)
Blue: #011F5B
Red: #990000