2.1 Learn About Your Club Members


Use your club database - Your searchable NationBuilder database provides an incredibly powerful tool for getting to know your club and building relationships within it. Specifically, the filter tool (the funnel-shaped icon under the “PEOPLE” tab of your control panel) allows you to combine multiple search criteria to identify your club’s most and least engaged members. For example, you might filter to find everyone who has never registered for an event, who is emailable, and who lives in a particular zip code. Or you might filter to find everyone who has registered for an event but has never volunteered before (eg. doesn’t have the “volunteer” tag on their profile). The whole point is use these filters to develop a better idea of who’s involved, who’s not, and tailor your outreach strategy accordingly. Here are some best practices:

  • Create saved filters - By saving filters, you can always return to them later (or even create a bookmark in your browser) to get up-to-date information on your club. Think about what filters you might save to quickly pull up your club’s most and least engaged members.
  • Map your club - Ever wonder where your club members are clustered? Use the mapping feature to visualize your club and organize events in key locations likely to draw a crowd.
  • Find your influencers - Say that you’re preparing for the biggest event of the year and you need help to generate publicity. It often helps to know who your club’s most active social media users are so you can ask them to help spread the word. You can sort your database or filtered results by “Klout” score or the number of Twitter followers the. Both are simple measures of influence and reach on social media.
  • Learn more - http://nationbuilder.com/how_to_filter