Membership Based Ticket Levels

This tutorial is for creating ticket levels based on membership type.

Once you have entered the event information, click on the “Tickets” tab.




To restrict ticket levels to specific membership types, follow these steps:

1. Enter the name of the ticket level – “Standard 1 Year Member Tickets” and then add a vertical line (Shift + Back-Slash).



2. After the vertical line, add the word “members,” and then a colon (:).

3. Add the exact name of the membership. All-together, it should be entered as: Standard 1 Year Member Tickets|members:1-Year Standard Membership

Note: There should be no spaces between the vertical line and when you enter the name of the membership



If you’re unsure of the exact name of the membership, click on “People” in the blue navigation. Next, click “More” and then finally “Memberships”. The exact name of the membership can be found in the first column.




Navigate back to the Tickets page and finish creating your ticket levels. For non-member tickets, you can enter those as you always have, with no additional text. Please keep in mind that ticket levels will display in order of price.




On the front page of your event, visitors will be asked to log in to access the restricted membership pricing. For example, a recent grad would have to log in to access their designated ticket level.




Once a visitor has logged in with their Wharton Alumni account information, they will be able to access all available ticket levels based on their membership status. If they do not have a specific membership, they will see a button that prompts them to purchase it in order to gain access to that ticket level.




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