Creating a New Membership

Please note: This is an advanced training. Please contact [email protected] if you need assistance. If your club would like to add new membership options, please follow these instructions:

*Please note* It is best NOT to change the names and prices of existing memberships.  Please create a new membership and deactivate the old one. This way, you ensure the tagging will remain consistent and you will still have a history of what kind of memberships the club has previously used.


1. Navigate to overall People >  Memberships


 2. Select “New Type”

  • Be sure to name the membership type exactly as you would like it to appear on the website.
  • Click “Add Membership” once the Name, Default Renewal Page, and Expiration Warning have been set.



3. Once the membership type is added, please make sure the Expiration warning and Expired notification are set to send automatically. Instructions for this can be found here.

4. Once this is complete, return to the overall Website > Become a Member.

  • Some club websites have different names for their membership pages, so please find the list of membership types, similar to the screenshot below.



 5. Click “New Subpage”, and add a Donation page, with the same name as the membership type you recently created.



 6. Fill in the membership details. Make sure to complete the areas highlighted below.

  • It is important to match the membership page to the membership type you created. 
  • Make sure the payment processor is directing to your correct account.
  • Your club should be using tracking codes for memberships, please create and add this as well.
  • Check the “Intro” and “Autoresponse” tabs, if you would like to add any description text to the membership, and/or edit the payment receipt.
  • In the box labelled “After donating, what page should they land on next”, make sure to add the “Thank you” page. Please see below.
  • Remember to save your settings, at the bottom of each page!



 7. Check the live site. The recently created membership should be visible and ready to test.


Removing an old membership from your club website:

  1. Navigate to overall Website > Become a Member
  2. Choose the membership you would like to remove.
  3. Go to Settings > Page Settings
  4. In the Status box, choose “Unlisted”, and save the page. This membership will be removed from your membership page. Please do not delete the page!