How to Cancel a Membership on Annual Auto-Renew

The best way to cancel an active auto-renewing membership is within your website. This works seamlessly for NationBuilder Payments.

Cancel future payments within your website

1. Go to the member’s profile in the People section of your control panel.

2. To cancel future auto-renew payments, click Finances > Recurring, then Edit next to the payment you wish to cancel.



This will take you to the dashboard of the annual payment. Click on the Settings tab.

Click the Cancel all future donations button.



If the member also needs a refund, please complete those steps as well. 


Modifying auto-renewing payments

  • You are not able to modify the amount of someone’s active auto-renewing membership from within your control panel. If a club member would like to increase or reduce the amount of their membership, you will need to cancel their current auto-renew membership from within the control panel and request that they select a new membership at their desired level from your website.
  • Club members cannot cancel their own auto-renewing membership, so make sure that you provide a way for them to contact you!