Wharton Clubs: Dialed In - Fall 2018

Thank you so much for joining our fall edition of Wharton Clubs: Dialed In on October 18th! We hope you came away from the presentation and discussion with new ideas on how to create or improve your membership structure. If you weren’t able to join, feel free to catch up on highlights below. You can also access the slide deck with notes and a recording of the call.

Opportunities to connect

News from Wharton

Fundamentals of Membership

  • Models
    • The "what" of membership
      • Clubs define membership in different ways
      • Membership models should be constantly evolving
      • Depending on culture/community, a tiered model with both free and paid models may be most beneficial
      • Membership Models: 
        • Free & Paid
        • Paid Levels
        • Paid, One Level
        • Free Membership
        • No Membership
  • Benefits
    • The "why" of membership
      • Crucial for both paid and unpaid models
      • Create a value proposition for spending money, devoting time to attend events and identifying with club
      • Part of developing a unique identity for the club
    • 4 themes:
      • Communications
      • Leadership
        • Identify who may hold office and vote in elections
        • Works for both paid and unpaid models
      • Discounts
        • Member and non-member prices for programs
        • Encourages engagement and financial support
        • Better suited to a model with paid and unpaid options
      • Special Access
        • Some programming only available to paid members
        • Extra incentive beyond a discount
        • Best suited to a paid membership model
        • The Wharton Alumni Angel Network in Boston is open only to members of the Wharton Club of Boston for an additional fee
        • Only paid members are eligible to participate in the mentor matching program for the Wharton Club of Chicago 
  • Marketing
    • The "how" of membership 
      • Define what it means to be a part of the club
      • Incentivize new members with creative ideas and easy opportunities to join
      • Thank those who join in a meaningful way and incorporate recognition in all programming