Volunteer Spotlight: Alberto Lisnier, WG'00

Alberto Lisnier, WG'00

Treasurer, Wharton Club of Spain


Lauren Roberts, Associate Director, Global Clubs interviewed Alberto Lisnier, WG’00 for this edition of Volunteer Spotlight. Alberto is the Treasurer of the Wharton Club of Spain and will be ending his volunteer term at the end of this year.


Lauren: We start each volunteer spotlight by asking, “What is your greatest achievement since graduating from Wharton?”

Alberto: Starting my own company! In each part of my career I used the skills I learned at Wharton, but starting my own company has been my most challenging and rewarding experience. It has required me to not only use the skills I learned at Wharton but to also embrace the entrepreneurial mindset so often seen on campus.

Lauren: Even though you are busy running a successful company, you make time to support the Wharton Club of Spain. What inspired you to begin volunteering for the club?

Alberto: The club is a way for me to continue learning from Wharton through opportunities that connect me with Wharton faculty and fellow alumni who are some of the brightest and most interesting people. Volunteering was just the next step to make the experience even more rewarding and to help other Wharton alumni to take advantage of all the club has to offer.

Lauren: As a key member of the board of the Wharton Club of Spain, how do you motivate fellow club leaders? And, what are your goals for the club?

Alberto: It is important to understand that Wharton alumni are extremely busy people and that a club cannot expect 100 percent of its members to volunteer, or participate in, events. But even a small group of people can enjoy and benefit from club programming. Each event might attract a different group of alumni; my goal is to ensure opportunities for all alumni.

Lauren: Because your term as a volunteer is about to come to an end, my next question is: What has been your proudest moment as a club leader?

Alberto: A pivotal project was one that helped the board find programming that fits the needs of Wharton Club of Spain members. I was able to collect a full census of all the Wharton alumni with a connection to Spain. This served as a base for the club leaders to understand their target market and develop strategies to include as many alumni as possible in the club.

Lauren: Final question! What advice you would give to a new club leader?

Alberto: A key part of success for many club leaders is relationship building. For the Wharton Club of Spain, those relationships take the form of an “ambassador” system. Club leaders are asked to be ambassadors to their fellow alumni in +/- two graduation years.

Every time there is an event or an official communication from the club, these ambassadors send a personal note to alumni in their assigned class years. This personal touch created a unique community in Spain and has helped grow attendance at events.