How to Opt In and Out of the Searchable Directory

From the User Perspective (Front end)

  • Login to the Wharton Club website and click “Edit settings” in the top right hand corner:                                                       
  • You are automatically included in the directory. To remain in the directory, keep the box checked (below). To opt out, uncheck the first box: “Include me in the searchable directory” and click the second box: “Make my profile private”      



  • Make sure to scroll down and save your settings!                




From the Dashboard (Back end)

  • For those with admin access, navigate to your club website’s dashboard. In the top right corner, search for the person you would like to remove or add to the searchable directory.

  • Once you are on the profile of the member, navigate to the “Profile” tab. 


  • Don’t forget to click the “Save profile” button.