FAQ: Club Leader Virtual Coffee Chats

1. What is a Virtual Club Leader Coffee Chat?

The Virtual Coffee Chats program allows you to create new connections and rediscover old friends from across the Global Clubs Network! You will be matched with another club leader to participate in a virtual coffee meeting, via phone or video conference. A series of prompts will be provided but feel free to explore any topics of your choosing!

2. I did not sign up for Virtual Club Leader Coffee Chats. What should I do? 

Please fill out this form to be matched with another club leader. Please note matches will be made based on club leader availability and interest. 

3. I forgot who my Virtual Club Leader Coffee Chats partner is. 

Matches were sent out in early October. Please check your inbox for an introduction email. If you can't find your match, reach out to Global Clubs ([email protected]) to be reintroduced to your partner.