Editing auto-responses in NationBuilder

What is an auto-response?

An auto-response is an email that is triggered each time someone takes an action on your site. For example, when a user signs up on a volunteer page, registers for an event, or makes a purchase.

On NationBuilder's pages that enable actions, you can customize the text of the auto-response to one that is in line with your club’s mission.

How do I edit an auto-response?

The screenshot below shows how you can customize the copy of the "Thank you for volunteering" email. To get to this screen on your site, navigate within your Control Panel to Websites > Pages > Volunteer Page > Volunteer Settings > Autoresponse.

You may edit the subject and body of the message from here.


Please note: There are certain personalized, auto-filled portions of the message included in the text. If you would like those portions to be included correctly, please do not edit them.


Can I turn off an autoresponse?

Yes, you can turn it off by unchecking the first box on the page.