Club Call Day April 2017

On April 20, 2017, the Global Clubs Team hosted club leadership calls at 8am EST and 1pm EST. The calls were moderated by Kelly Lauersen, Senior Associate Director of Global Clubs. She provided updates on staffing changes, upcoming events, and NationBuilder progress. The discussion then focused on best practices for event planning. Highlights include:


  • Utilize the tools available on and on the NationBuilder platform:
  • Popular event types:
    • Family focused
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Sporting events
    • Ted Talks
    • Small group dinners
    • Holiday/New Year’s party
  • More Tips:
    • Network with local business schools as well as other Ivy League institutions to build relationships with the local community.
    • Host a wide variety of events, from social to educational.
    • Include Penn alumni in your events.
    • Establish greeter for larger events who are responsible for welcoming guests and introducing them to each other.
    • Create programs within your community where you see a need (i.e. Mentorship program for senior alumni and recent graduates).
    • Survey members on what events they would like to see.
    • Bring a friend events
    • Create Class Captains to get entire years engaged.