Choosing Your Payment Processor

Setting Up Online Payments:

Collecting fees for membership, event tickets, etc. on your NationBuilder site requires a merchant account and a payment processor (also known as a gateway account).*

You should set up a merchant account and a payment processor at least three weeks before your site is scheduled to launch. It is possible that your organization already has these accounts, so make sure you consult your treasurer before opening a new account.

Once you have opened your accounts, please contact your staff liaison for further instructions on linking the accounts to your NationBuilder site.


Transferring Online Payments:

If your club is currently accepting online payments through one of the gateway accounts listed in the chart below, please contact your staff liaison, who will advise you in transferring your payment processor to your new website.

If you are currently using, you do not need to do anything. Right before we launch your NationBuilder site, we will connect your already existing account.  


Merchant Accounts:

A merchant account is an account with a financial institution that allows your club to accept payments as an organization. If your club currently has a merchant account, it must be internet capable and able to interact with one of the online payment processors in the chart below. Your organization’s merchant account and checking account do not need to be from the same financial institution. Most merchant banks expect a personal guarantor to co-sign the account. If your club is registered as a non-profit, be prepared to notify your financial institution and provide documentation of your club’s status.


Payment Processor (Gateway Account):

A gateway account is a service that allows your merchant account to securely accept transactions online. For our US, Canadian, and European  clubs, we highly recommend NationBuilder PaymentsThe NationBuilder payment processor is a new and separate account you will need to create regardless of whether you had previously set up a payment processor account or if you have an existing Stripe Connect account.

For more information on NationBuilder payments, please contact us at [email protected]

For those clubs not in the US, Canada or Europe, NationBuilder supports the following payment processors outlined. Click here 

We recommend the following:

  • If you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-use setup, explore Stripe.
  • If you’re based in Asia try a PayPal Business account.
  • If you like CyberSource, consider (NationBuilder customers receive a discount, details here.)

Contact your staff liaison if you have any questions on which option is best for you.