SSO Identity Mappings




Some alumni profiles require the Penn/Wharton login ability (Single Sign On, or SSO) to be established after syncing. This is a regular occurrence and can be done by any club administrator. If alumni are having login trouble, ex: “can’t authenticate you at this time” error, please follow the steps below to ensure that their profile is connected.


  1. Check the People tab see if there is more than one account for that person in the club database.
    1. If more than one person with their name and information comes up, you will need to merge the duplicate profiles.
    2. Click their name to go into their profile.
    3. Click “merge duplicates” and then click “merge records” to merge the two accounts.



2. Check their profile in the People tab to see if they have an “external ID”. This should be visible in the short view of their profile.

  1. If they do not have an “external ID” email to have their External Id synced with their profile.
  2. If they do have an “external ID” follow the steps below:


3. Check their SSO identity mappings

  1. In their profile, click Edit > SSO identity mapping
  2. If the “shibboleth” field is blank, copy paste their “external ID” into the field, and save.
    1. Please have the alumnus try again, and if it does not work, contact
  3. If the “shibboleth” field is not blank, email for help.