Member Event Pricing

How to address member event pricing on NationBuilder

Wharton is working with the NationBuilder team and a partner company to bring a wider range of ticket options to the Wharton club websites. In the meantime, you can create special ticket pricing for all members using the method below.

First, set up your event and “general admission” tickets, if applicable, following the standard process for setting up events. Further reading: How to set up an event

Next, create another event page (as a subpage of the original). Fill out the basic details of the event, and create the tickets at the special price you would like your members to pay. 

  1. In the page settings, set this subpage to be viewable to Members only (all members will be able to access this page).
  2. In the event settings of this subpage, add the same event RSVP tag and donation tracking code that you created for your main event. You may wish to distinguish members versus non-members. Feel free to slightly alter the tag and donation tracking code to indicate this: Event_RSVP_08022018_(Non)Member
  3. Once your event subpage is filled out, copy the direct link from the top of the edit page.

   4. Go back to your original event description, and add this link as a hyperlink, inviting members to follow the link to receive the special pricing.