Luxury Wines and Spirits

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Thursday, June 28, 2018
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France-Amériques - 9 avenue Franklin Roosevelt 75008 Paris

Luxury Wines and Spirits: are small and big both beautiful?

François Balsan
 President of Wharton Club of Paris

and Thomas Bittner
 President of INSEAD Alumni Association France

as part of the WHARTON-INSEAD Alliance have the honor to invite you to a

Wharton-Insead Executive Dinner

Philippe Schaus (Insead MBA'90), the CEO of Moët Hennessy, the Wines and Spirits division of LVMH and 

Michael Baum (WG'89), owner of Chateau de Pommard, co-founder of Nasdaq-listed Splunk and a serial tech entrepreneur

  • Two exceptional leaders will share their strategies and discuss innovations on some of the worlds' most renowned brands in Burgundy wine, prestigious champagnes, cognacs, and vodka  
  • You choose the main angles of the discussion now. Select the main topics you favor or add your own!
  • Along the dinner, we will be offered the chance to taste some wines and liquors from Chateau de Pommard and the Moet Hennessy group

Once registered, you will be invited to select and suggest topics for discussion by filling a short survey.

Michael Baum is an American entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. He is best known as the Founder & CEO of Splunk (NASDAQ: SPLK) now worth 16 billion $ in the stock market. 

Philippe Schaus is the CEO of Moët Hennessy.

Philippe began his career in 1987 at J.P. Morgan Inc. in Brussels before joining The Boston Consulting Group in Germany in 1990. Since October 1, 2017, Philippe Schaus has been CEO of Moët Hennessy, the Wines and Spirits division of LVMH. He has been a member of the Executive Committee of LVMH since 2012.


Last but not least, 

The Boards of the INSEAD Alumni Association France and of the Wharton Club de Paris take this opportunity to thank warmly Michael Baum and Philippe Schaus for their availability and generosity.

Date: Jeudi 28 juin 2018
Heure: 20h00 précises
Adresse: France-Amériques - 9 avenue Franklin Roosevelt 75008 Paris
Prix: 90€

Dress Code: Business

Spouses are more than welcome and your individual guests as well!


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France-Amériques - 9 avenue Franklin Roosevelt 75008 Paris

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