Adding Sponsors

Showing your sponsors and their support on your homepage is easy using homepage widgets. Click here for a live example of the sponsor widget in action.


Creating a Sponsor Page

To present sponsors on your homepage, first create a new Directory page type in the Website admin area of your site by clicking on “+ New page.”



The name of the directory page will be the caption of your homepage widget, so name your new page “Sponsors”, “Partners” or something similar.             

On your new Sponsor page, click on Directory settings. In the field labeled “Only include profiles with the following tags,” enter sponsors as shown below.


Click Save settings to save your changes.



Adding Sponsors

To add a new sponsor:

1. In the People tab of your website, create a new organization profile for each sponsor by clicking “+ New organization” in the upper left corner.

2. For each sponsor, fill out the following fields:

    • Name (should be the company name)
    • Support level (should be “1-Strong Support”)
    • If the sponsor is on Twitter, add a “Twitter account name” and NationBuilder will automatically pull in their Twitter photo as the logo on your site. For example, @Wharton is the School’s official Twitter account. You would just enter “Wharton” in the Twitter account name field for this example.
    • Website (should be the company website link)
    • Tags (the tag should be: sponsor

3. Click the Add organization button to save your sponsor profile. Once saved, there will be a confirmation message at the top of the page. Click the name of your sponsor in this message to go directly to the profile for the next few steps. 

4. If you weren’t able to find a Twitter account for your sponsor in step #2, you can still upload a photo on their profile under the Profile tab as shown here:


Click the grey button to upload a photo from your computer.

5. On the same page, you can add your sponsor’s company details in the Intro section – text entered in this field will show up on the live site.

6. Click Save profile at the bottom of the page to save your changes.